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About Us

Johannes Jacobs started Flagship Solar with a clear mission in mind. To be a company who eased people’s daily frustrations through the use of solar energy.

The approach is simple – find the problem and provide a solution. We have found that many property owners often didn’t know what is causing the biggest energy issues for them, until we started doing energy audits.

We offer our clients the honest truth about their energy situations before we provide them with a plan that they can action at their own pace to suit their budget. We’ve seen many residential properties take this route and flourish with their newfound energy freedom. Likewise, businesses that we have worked with break-even in a very short period of time once their installations have gone live – helping their bottom line.

At Flagship Solar, we strive to foster a culture that embodies the following core values:

By living and breathing these core values, we create a culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and growth. We believe that by doing right by our clients and our employees, we can achieve great things and make a positive impact on the world.

Our Mission

To solve the client’s problem through clarity honesty and logical system design. Nobody wants to have gadgets installed that need maintenance. You want the convenience and luxury of turning a device on or off whenever you want to, open a hot water tap and hot water comes out instantly and when you get your utility bill then they owe you money.
How we get there is in the details of the design

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