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A Solar Power System To Suit Your Need

Everyone uses electricity for different activities in their homes and workspaces. The correct solar power system for your needs can make a big difference in your energy consumption.

When we develop solar systems for home use, the typical focuses are on running geysers, making sure homes can run when load shedding hits and working towards a sustainable off-grid solution.

Small to medium offices can also function well with a load-shedding solar energy system. Many industrial businesses – especially in the manufacturing sector – can see a large change in their bottom line once they make the change. Often they can see the return on investment within their first month of running their new solar power system, depending on the size of the installation.

The agricultural sector has its own needs that can be addressed through alternative energy. A solar power system can be used for the farmhouse alone, or to run pumps and make other electricity-driven tasks cheaper to run.

There is always a case where a situation is unique and requires a different approach. Flagship Solar is able to come up with solutions and strategies to cover a range of solar energy systems. Let’s plan a free energy usage consultation, and we will be able to advise from there.

Loadshed proof your home

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Run my factory

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