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3 Phase fuIly off-grid

Systems 50Kw 100V

Our flagship bespoke system with special consultation and engineering.

Our Hybrid system includes everything you need to run the essentials in your home during load shedding.

Our Hybrid system includes everything you need to run all your electrical requirements in your large home or medium farm or business. Solar panels, inverter and battery are connected to your existing electrical connection. While the sun is shining the solar panels generate electricity to charge the batteries and run your home. The solar and batteries in turn will run all your electrical needs when there is no power.

This includes: oven, swimming pool pump, geyser and air conditioning. In some cases, you can stay connected to the grid as a backup energy source and will be able to feed excess electricity back into the grid shortening your payback period.

3 Phase fuIly off-grid infographic

What do you get?

  • 3-9 x Deye/Sunsync 16kW 48V hybrid inverters
  • 12-36 x DynessNolta/Shotto 5.12kWh 48V Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries
  • 36-324 x 545W JA/Canadian/Astron solar panels
  • COC (certificate of compliance)
  • SSEG registration with the municipality
  • Material + accessories
  • Full installation
  • Generator compatible for full off-grid

Optional Extras:

  • Extra lithium battery capacity
  • Extra inverter modules
  • Extra solar capacity
  • Extra cable length
  • Extra travel
  • Generator and switchgear
  • Annual cleaning and maintenance package and online monitoring
  • These can be added at the beginning or later