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Run my farm

Our flagship bespoke system with special consultation and engineering.

Our Hybrid system includes everything you need to run the essentials in your home during load shedding.

Disconnect my farm forever

Do you have a farm with an expensive electricity connection? Do you get charged massive amounts of fees and rentals just to have a tiny connection on your farm? This is totally unnecessary. We can run your farm using a combination of solar power, wind power, hydropower, batteries and a tiny support generator. There is no “need” for a utility connection.

The agricultural sector has its own needs that can be addressed through alternative energy. A solar power system can be used for the farmhouse alone, or to run pumps and make other electricity-driven tasks cheaper to run. Often the line rental fees are higher than the usage tariffs which makes a fully off-grid solutions a wise choice.

Annie and Kelly’s farm

In February of 2021 we were contacted by a client on a small farm in Tesserlaarsdal.They live light on the land, just subsistence farming and growing garlic as a cash crop.

They have 8 small dogs, and a beautiful art studio, a very small house near the middle of the land and a fairly large box shape warehouse store workshop toolshed all rolled into one near the back. They don’t use much electricity, probably only around 10- 12 KWH or units of power per day, let’s say R500 of electricity per month. But it cost them no less than R8000 in line fees from ESKOM per month to get it there, the transformer was paid off so it wasn’t that.

we did a site visit to see what we could do for efficiency before we put up solar but they had already covered all those bases and just need a good system to cover them for load shedding and for the weeks long stretches of power outages every time the cables got stolen.